Listen to Pusha T’s Kanye West-produced track “Sociopath”

Featuring a verse from Kash Doll.

Pusha T has officially released “Sociopath,” featuring a verse from rapper Kash Doll and production from Kanye West.

“Sociopath,” a cut originally from the rapper’s Daytona sessions, features the same hard-hitting, gritty production West employed on that album. A menacing 808 beat oscillates as Pusha brags about money and access: “I got a bitch that will master your card / Nice with the Visas, passports is art / Every page inked up, her and the bitches link up / They think they hear the drum and the machine when it syncs up.”

Kash Doll, who recently featured on Iggy Azalea’s song “Fuck it Up,” comes in for a brief verse: “Don’t you see these fucking dealer plates fool? You know the rush it is to know bitches hate you / ’Cause they man is locked up but still laced you / And you know I need it twice, so it takes two.”


Pusha T released Daytona last year to rave reviews. Meanwhile, Kash Doll dropped the Lil Wayne collab “Kitten” and a video for the Big Sean-assisted single “Ready Set” earlier this year.

Stream “Sociopath” here:

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