Listen to Migos’ new kid-friendly song for ‘The Addams Family’

“My Family” was co-written by Snoop Dogg, and features Rock Mafia and Karol G.

Hip hop trio Migos have teamed up with production duo Rock Mafia and Colombian singer Karol G for “My Family.” The song soundtracks the forthcoming animated film, The Addams Family.

The track was co-written by Snoop Dogg and samples the classic Addams Family theme song. Migos’ Quavo opens the song with a very simple message: It’s family above all else. “I go to war with my family / Ups and downs, wrong or right, this family / They think that we crazy / They say that we crazy, can’t handle it / My back on the wall, who I’mma call? My family,” he raps.

Tim James of Rock Mafia provides the song its infectious chorus: “You shouldn’t mess with me / You don’t wanna mess with me / ’Cause if you mess with me / You’re messin’ with my family.” Karol G jumps in after the chorus, delivering a groovy Spanish-langage verse.


Aside from “My Family,” the Addams Family soundtrack will also feature new music from Christina Aguilera. The film is slated to hit theaters on October 11.

Listen to “My Family” here:

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