Listen to Lil Peep’s reflective “Life is Beautiful”

‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt 2’ is out tomorrow.

“I know that it hurts sometimes, but it’s beautiful,” Lil Peep sings on the opening of “Life is Beautiful,” the third single from his upcoming posthumous album, arriving this Friday.

A remix of a 2015 Peep song titled “Life,” the track’s equal parts moving and haunting. On it, the late rapper discusses the different types of sufferings in life, from terminal illness to police brutality to suicidal depression. At one point, Peep—real name Gustav Åhr—even asks, “When I die, would you watch me?” Those lyrics remain unchanged, but producers Smokeasac and IIVI have reworked the beat to give the track a much-needed update.

“This song does have irony, but it also tells many truths. Gus was exploring his feelings and experiences in this song,” his mother Liza Womack said in a statement to Complex. “He was making observations about his own life, and the lives of others.”


“Life is Beautiful” is accompanied by an animated lyric video featuring a grainy close-up of a youthful Peep. Check it out below:

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