Listen to Dua Saleh’s new song, “Pretty Kitten”

A “fan-generated” visual is on the way.

Minneapolis rapper Dua Saleh has returned with a brand-new single titled “Pretty Kitten.”

The track, which was co-written by Australian production duo FnZ and Denzel Curry collaborators, is “about a turbulent relationship that takes you on a wild ride,” Saleh told Hypebeast. On the song, they compare their lover to a “roller coaster” ride.

Salah also teased a music video featuring appearances from fans. “I’m making the first-ever fan-generated music video made entirely of Instagram face filters,” they said. “Each filter represents the non-conforming aspects of my gender identity and music. Just pick a filter and use the lyric video to lip-sync, dance or do whatever you like.” The video arrives December 13.

“Pretty Kitten” is Saleh’s first release since they dropped a remixed edition of their debut EP, Nūr, back in August. The original version of the project featured the standout track “Warm Pants.”


Listen to “Pretty Kitten” below:


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