Listen to Action Bronson’s jazzy new single

After breaking up with Atlantic Records, the rapper dropped “The Hopeless Romantic” with The Alchemist.

Action Bronson hasn’t had the best of times with his label, Atlantic Records. So last week, the NYC rapper called time on the relationship and, as though to prove a point, immediately dropped “The Hopeless Romantic,” a collab with The Alchemist.

It’s the once-prolific rapper’s first new track since last August’s Blue Chips 7000, and it’s typical Action Bronson. Over The Alchemist’s jazzy, soulful, horn-heavy production, the F*ck, that’s Delicious star combines his love of food, his city and his sports teams. “Lawyer tackled the case like he played for the Ravens / So I stuff him with cheese like a Danish,” he spits.

The track, which is off The Alchemist’s Lunch Meat EP, is one of many projects Action has lined up after cutting ties with Atlantic. He has also announced the White Bronco mixtape and a new cookbook, Stoned Beyond Belief. “Free agent. No more label. Independence Day,” he tweeted.


Listen to “The Hopeless Romantic” here:

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