Lil Yachty taps Drake, DaBaby for zany “Oprah’s Bank Account” MV

Watch Drake open up to Yachty.

Lil Yachty has released a hilarious video for his new single, “Oprah’s Bank Account,” featuring Drake and DaBaby.

The clip stars Yachty as a very convincing parody of talk show host Oprah Winfrey. He talks to Drake in a heart-to-heart interview on The Boprah Show, where Drizzy opens up about his famous beard, his signature selfie pose and the new generation of rappers.

“I love all the little ditties and all the little jingles that the kids are doing on their SoundCloud and their—what’s the other thing?” Drizzy asks. “Tok Tik,” Boprah replies. Later in the interview, Drake also applauds Lil Yachty for being at “the forefront of that movement of music that should be forgotten about.”


In another scene, Boprah interviews DaBaby at his home, where the North Carolina rapper calmly explains his recording process and reveals where he’s off to when he ad libs, “Let’s go!” Boprah also thoughtfully suggests that the rapper open his own childcare service called DaBaby Daycare.

“Oprah’s Bank Account” is the first taste of Yachty’s forthcoming album, Lil Boat 3, which will close out his Lil Boat series. According to a press release, the album is expected to arrive this spring.

Watch the video for “Oprah’s Bank Account” below:


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