Lil Yachty orders McDonald’s delivery to a fancy dinner party

One Hot ’n’ Spicy McChicken sandwich, please.

Lil Yachty might have expensive fashion tastes, but when it comes to food, the rapper’s palate is pretty simple.

According to XXL, the red-haired Georgia emcee faced a dilemma while attending a lavish dinner party for Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas’ birthday over the weekend.

“Welp… I don’t [eat] anything on this menu,” Yachty posted on his Instagram story with a picture of the dinner menu, which featured an array of gourmet dishes such as satay chicken, lobster wontons, wagyu beef and miso-glazed sea bass.


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#LilYachty really got @mcdonalds from @ubereats delivered to a fancy restaurant because he didn’t want anything on the menu ??

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Since none of the food were quite to his liking, the rapper decided to do what anyone else would do when they’re feeling famished: order food delivery. Thanks to Uber Eats, Yachty managed to fill himself up with some good ol’ McDonald’s. “Thank you Uber Eats,” the rapper wrote next to his Hot ’n’ Spicy McChicken sandwich on IG story.

But it seemed like Yatchy wasn’t the only one hankering for some delicious fast-food. The rapper posted a video of the members of Migos taking turns having a bite of his burger with a playful caption, “All dese n***as sharing my McChicken, though.”


Who says the rich aren’t just like the rest of us?

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