Lil Yachty graces remix of “Lil Boat” by 88GLAM

All is right with the world.

Toronto duo 88GLAM dropped “Lil Boat” last November as part of their album, 88GLAM 2. Lil Yachty’s name was referenced in the hook, but thanks to this new remix, the rapper’s voice is now part of the song, too.

Yachty complements 88 Camino and Derek Wise perfectly on this moody Take a Daytrip- and Russ Chell-produced cut. In an interview with Billboard, Wise named “Lil Boat” his favorite song off 88GLAM 2. “Every sound they made towards that beat was right on-spot,” he said. “The vibes in the studio that day were crazy. We were able to record that song in like an hour and a half, or two. That was probably my favorite moment creating this album.”

Stream the remix below:


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