Lil Yachty drops two new ‘Lil Boat 3.5’ visuals

For “Asshole” and “In My Stussy.”

Lil Yachty has unveiled two new Lil Boat 3.5 videos, “Asshole” and “In My Stussy,” which features Oliver Tree and Vince Staples respectively.

In the clip for “Asshole,” Oliver plays a robber who breaks into Yachty’s mansion and steals his beloved chain. The rapper, flanked by two female sidekicks, chases Oliver through his estate and—after an action-packed fight scene later—catches up to him. The video ends with Oliver being dragged down the street by Yachty’s scooter, as the Lil Boat MC and two women drive off.

Meanwhile, “In My Stussy” received a VFX-heavy visual treatment starring Yachty and Staples. In the clip, the rappers vibe out to their song in a room full of mirrors and magnifying glasses.


“Asshole” and “In My Stussy” were the several additions on Yachty’s Lil Boat 3.5, a deluxe edition of Lil Boat 3. Last week, the rapper shared the new song “Royal Rumble,” after he announced that he was on board to produce a new movie based on the popular card game, UNO.

Watch his new music videos below:



“In My Stussy”:

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