Lil Wayne’s former managers sue the rapper for $20 million

The rapper allegedly failed to pay them commissions.

Lil Wayne has reportedly been sued by his ex-managers Ronald Sweeney and Avant Garde Management for more than $20 million in unpaid management commissions.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Sweeney and Avant Garde claim they were hired in 2005 to help the rapper negotiate a deal with his record label Cash Money, but were never paid the agreed full amount.

In the suit, Sweeney and Avant Garde say Wayne “failed and refused to pay Plaintiffs his promised 10 percent of the recovery from lawsuits, 10 percent of the sale of master recordings owned by Lil Wayne’s record label, and then 17 percent in general commissions that he owes to Plaintiffs in connection with Plaintiff’s day to day management activities.”


They also added that they’ve helped Wayne settle over 30 lawsuits throughout his career, and have “worked tirelessly as Lil Wayne’s manager and close confidante for nearly 14 years, managing his manages, all of his entities, his ‘friends,’ his enemies, and his lawyers,” per The Blast.

Last week, Wayne pleaded guilty to carrying a loaded firearm while in Miami last December. According to CBS News, the rapper is due to appear in court January 28, 2021. Wayne faces up to ten years in prison, though his sentence might be reduced, the report claims. The rapper is free on $250,000 bail.

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