Lil Tecca shares video for new song, “Never Left”

His third release of the year.

Lil Tecca has returned with a new single and video called “Never Left.”

The track is the New York rapper’s third release this year and finds him boasting about his fashion sense, wealth and uncontested status in the rap game.

“They say, ‘Where you get that swag from?’ Bitch, I bought this shit / If you ask me, then I’m number one, but that’s my opinion / You could go and check the stats yourself, just start soundin’ in it / N***as tryna compete with me, in the same lane / Fuck around, I make my own wave, see if they maintain,” he spits.


In the accompanying purple-hued clip, Tecca shows off his success, as he enjoys luxury goods and high-tech fashion with several beautiful models. Earlier this year, Tecca appeared on “Jetski”—his collaboration with Internet Money and Lil Mosey—and released the solo single, “Show Me Up.” The 18-year-old had a whirlwind year in 2020, releasing his debut studio album, Virgo World.

“Never Left” is said to be an offering from Tecca’s next project, We Love You Tecca 2, a follow-up mixtape to his 2019 effort, We Love You Tecca.

Watch Tecca’s video for “Never Left” below:


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