Lil Tecca plays cupid in video for “Out of Love”

A cut from ‘Do They Really Love You,’ his joint project with Internet Money.

After dropping “Out of Love” back in April, Lil Tecca has returned with a dreamy new video treatment for the track.

In the fantastical clip, the New York rapper takes to the sky on a float of balloon hearts. He then spreads love throughout his neighborhood as hearts fall from the sky, before disappearing into the night.

“Everybody want the same thing / New chain, new car, and the same ring / I just wanna make money with the same gang / New glass, new frame, but the same lane / Whole team cope different, but the same pain,” he spits.

“Out of Love” is the first song from Do They Really Love You, a joint project from 17-year-old rapper and production collective Internet Money, due out sometime this year. Last September, Tecca released his debut mixtape, We Love You Tecca.


Watch the video for “Out of Love” below:


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