Lil Pump releases snippet of “Drug Addict” video

Call him Dr Pump now.

Lil Pump has just teased the video for his upcoming single, “Drug Addict”—and he’s recruited Charlie Sheen to star in the visual.

Taking place in a pseudo rehabilitation center, the video follows Pump and Sheen as a pair of doctors on duty. The trippy, neon-lit hospital is filled with manic patients and sexy nurses roaming the hallway while the duo hand out various colored pills. “Imma show you how to live life / Take a lot of drugs don’t think twice / I do this every day and all night,” the rapper rhymes over the cut.

There’s no indication when the video and song will be released (hopefully soon), but it’s slated to appear on his as-yet-untitled sophomore record, which arrives later this year.


Check out the teaser for “Drug Addict” below:

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