Lil Pump isn’t quitting music after all

Bad news for his haters.

Lil Pump has outdone Nicki Minaj and ended his sudden retirement, which lasted all of five days

The rapper made headlines after recently declaring on an Instagram Story that he was “done” with music. But Pump revealed his return on the same platform days later, and even teased a new Spanish-language song titled “Contacto.” “Y’all thought I quit, bitch, I’m back,” Pump wrote in the post alongside a clip of him dancing to the song.


It seems the whole retirement hoopla was just a ploy to promote Pumpp’s new song, which has yet to receive a release date. The rapper’s last album, Harverd Dropout, dropped last February.

Minaj, on the other hand, shocked fans last September with her abrupt retirement announcement on Twitter, but later deleted the tweet and reassured fans that she’s “still right here.” She subsequently explained that the quasi-retirement was more about whether she would do a fifth studio record, and that she wasn’t stepping back from music as a whole.

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