Lil Peep’s mother co-directs his posthumous video, “Runaway”

Featuring home video footage and the rapper’s childhood drawings.

Lil Peep would have turned 22 on November 1. T mark the occasion, the rapper’s estate have released a brand-new song from his upcoming posthumous record, alongside a clip co-directed by his mother Liza Womack.

The colorful visual, a stark contrast to the angsty lyrics (“Take me, away from here / Everybody so fake”), puts together Peep’s childhood drawings with heart-warming home video recordings of the rapper and his dog, Taz.

“I’m so proud to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Steven Mertens on the video for ‘Runaway.’ It has allowed me to make something beautiful for my son—in his honor,” Womack wrote. “This video tells that part of Gus’ story. The story is told using many of Gus’ drawings, from different periods of his life.”


Peep’s posthumous LP, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt 2, lands next Friday via Autnmy.

Check out the video for “Runaway” below:

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