Lil Peep’s “Gym Class” finally gets an official release

    The 2016 cut is now available on streaming services.

    Lil Peep performing on stage
    Image: hurricanehank /

    Lil Peep’s 2016 cult single “Gym Class” has finally gotten an official release. You can now hear the song and add it to playlists on your streaming service of choice.

    The Brobak-produced track was pulled after its initial release because of its un-cleared sample of “The Ballad for the Girl on the Moon” by ambient-electronic duo The Boats.

    Upon the song’s re-release, Peep’s mother Liza Womack wrote on Instagram: “I’m so glad to see Gus’ early work being released. I can’t wait until we get Lil Peep Part One [and] Live Forever, and the OG music is re-released unadulterated.”

    Stream “Gym Class” below.