Lil Peep’s 2016 EP ‘California Girls’ has been re-released

The Nedarb-produced project is finally available on streaming services.

The estate of the late Lil Peep has re-released his six-song EP, California Girls.

The project was made in collaboration with producer Nedarb and was initially released in 2016—but it was never made available on streaming services. The digital release follows the posthumous arrival of Peep’s 2019 album, Everybody’s Everything, as well as the reissue of two other 2016 mixtapes: Hellboy and Crybaby.

“These six songs are some of the most important pieces of music I have ever been a part of,” Nedarb said in a statement. “They marked a new era of Peep. It was Peep’s most honest and heartfelt lyrics that I personally had heard yet. It opened new doors in terms of production style and experimenting with new vocal melodies, range, cadences & new song topics.”


“I knew Peep was special and that these songs were good, but we had no idea how big these songs would end up getting,” he added. “California Girls has always deserved a proper release, so this means a lot to me. I know Peep is stoked as hell right now.”

Stream California Girls below:


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