Lil Nas X turns into a vampire for “Rodeo” remix music video

Things take a bizarre and supernatural turn in the singer’s latest visual.

Twilight meets The Matrix in the video for Lil Nas X’s “Rodeo” remix featuring Nas.

Directed by Bradley & Pablo, the clip opens at night when Lil Nas get bitten by a vampire. Growing out fangs of his own, the singer wanders down a street in search of his first victim but ends up at a mysterious grocery store where other vampires hang out. Soon, they break into a dance, showing off sleek choreography. Elsewhere, Nas appears as Morpheus from The Matrix and offers Lil Nas the red and blue pill.

Lil Nas also explained on Twitter why Cardi B, who originally appeared on the song, wasn’t included in the video. “I didn’t ‘kick’ Cardi off of rodeo. She couldn’t do the video. We cool, though,” he wrote.


“Rodeo” appears on Lil Nas’ 2019 debut EP 7. It includes the tracks “Panini” and his number one hit, “Old Town Road.”

Watch the video for the “Rodeo” remix below:

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