Lil Nas X drops futuristic video for “Panini”

Starring Disney actress Skai Jackson.

Lil Nas X has ditched the cowboy hat in favor of a space-age bodysuit in his new video for “Panini.”

The clip stars Disney Channel actress Skai Jackson, who navigates through the busy streets of a Blade Runner-inspired city to escape from the seemingly omnipresent rapper. Wherever she goes, be it in an Uber, on a plane or the rooftop of a skyscraper, Nas X is there to perform for her. By the end of the visual, he manages to break down her defenses and win her over as a new fan.

“Panini” is a cut from Nas X’s debut EP, 7, which dropped in June. He first shot to fame with his viral sensation “Old Town Road,” which has since broken the record for the song with the longest run atop the Billboard Hot 100.


“For the ‘Panini’ music video, I wanted to exhibit the array of incredible faults we’ve ascertained aligning to the proximity from the personification of redundant axioms,” Nas X wrote in a distinctly tongue-in-cheek tweet. “Presupposed upon tautological repetitions that have enhanced our paradoxical paradigms via redundant innovations.”

Instead of trying to figure out what that meant, we suggest simply watching the “Panini” video below:

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