Lil Durk, Meek Mill get “Bougie” on new single

‘Love Songs 4 the Streets 2’ is on the horizon.

Lil Durk has linked up with Meek Mill on his latest song, “Bougie.”

On the confident single, Meek and Durk take turns to prove how “bougie” they are, flexing their expensive whips and branded goods. “When I made it rich, I went and bought a Bentley, bitch / Walk into Saks Fifth like, ‘Give me that and give me this’ / That’s your Wednesday crush, you know Lil’ Fish done hit that shit / You ain’t gotta tell me, I know n***as envious,” Meek brags on his verse.

“Bougie” is the latest track from Durk’s forthcoming album, Love Songs 4 the Streets 2, which drops this Friday. He previously teamed up with King Von on “Like That.” On the other hand, Meek recently released a moving video for Championships cut, “Oodles o’ Noodles Babies.”


While you wait for the arrival of Love Songs 4 the Streets 2, listen to “Bougie” below:

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