KYLE, Lil Yachty reunite for “Hey Julie!” MV

It’s a glo-up story.

Last December, KYLE teamed up with Lil Yachty to release the feel-good single, “Hey Julie!” Now four months later, the duo have reunited to share the song’s equally fun music video.

Directed by Lonewolf, the clip opens at a house party five years ago where KYLE and Lil Boat try to flirt with a group of beautiful girls but get rejected. “We don’t even need them man,” KYLE says to his red-haired friend. “Watch, one day when we’re big famous rappers, we don’t have to try to talk to girls. They’re gonna talk to us.”

Fast forward to present day when the rappers flaunt their newfound fame and luxurious lifestyles. “Yeah, these bitches used to make fun of my teeth (Woo) / Now they crusty, AC busted, house 100 degrees, ha,” KYLE raps.


Watch the video for “Hey Julie!” below:

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