KYLE, Lil Yachty link up for “Hey Julie!”

    Here’s your year-end dose of happy rap.

    KYLE, Lil Yachty
    KYLE. Image: Atlantic Records

    KYLE and Lil Yachty, aka two of the culture’s foremost purveyors of happy rap, have come together again for a new song: “Hey Julie!”

    The track is shorter than their last collab, 2016’s “iSpy,” but continues the cheery, childlike vibe with a catchy chorus: “Hey Julie, heard you got that wet, wet, wet / Something for my neck, neck neck.”

    Both rappers flex and flow in line with the jewelry theme. “Gold in my mouth, I don’t talk cheap,” KYLE raps. “These bitches used to make fun of my teeth / Now they crusty, AC busted, house 100 degrees, ha!”

    Listen to the song below: