Kodie Shane drops colorful video for “Sing to Her”

Taken from the Atlanta rapper’s upcoming debut album.

Kodie Shane’s got a lovers’ quarrel to remedy on “Sing to Her,” the 19-year-old rapper’s latest track off her forthcoming debut record—which has received a decadent visual treatment.

In it, the Atlanta native and her partner spar over breakfast. Shane’s girlfriend gives her an earful, but the rap star’s clearly over their constant squabbling. Cut to the next scene and we see Shane getting cozy with another woman. Could this be a case of infidelity? Who knows. Whatever the case, Shane sure knows how to keep the ladies wrapped around her finger.

“I do a lot of things but I could never fake it / You might do a lot of things but you’ll never replace me,” she raps.


Shane’s as-yet-untitled debut album is set to drop later this year. In the meantime, check out the video for “Sing to Her” below:

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