Kevin Gates serves hard-hitting “Facts” on his new single

‘I’m Him’ is due out next month.

Kevin Gates is back with “Facts,” another taste of his forthcoming sophomore album, I’m Him.

The hard-hitting track combines Take a Daytrip’s hypnotic production with the rapper’s memorable hook: “If you got a problem I’m pullin’ up, strap / Big booty bitch and I’m on tracks / I play with them words, I play with them birds, I’m really that / I’m statin’ facts, facts, facts, facts, facts.”

The single was released alongside a Chandler Lass-directed video. In the clip, Gates rides his convertible through his neighborhood to join a block party. Scenes of the rapper buying new chains, working as a clerk and sauntering through a metal detector with models are intercut throughout.


“It’s just me venting about everything. It’s all facts,” Gates said of the singin a press statement. “Sometimes, venting is the best thing you can do to cleanse your heart. I’m not going to let the pain from my past affect my future. You need to let go of unresolved grief. Don’t keep it all bottled inside.”

“Facts” follows the singles “Push it” and “Neva Land (I’m in the H Witt it).” The track will be included on Gates’ upcoming sophomore album, I’m Him, due out August 30.

Watch the video for “Facts” here:


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