Kevin Gates releases new single, “Push it”

The first taste of his forthcoming album, ‘I’m Him.’

Kevin Gates is back with yet another fiery single, “Push it,” his second release in a week following “Return of the Mack.”

The track was released alongside a Rocky-inspired video which opens with a somber monologue from the Baton Rouge rapper: “My biggest problem in life was overcoming myself. But once I defeated myself, the only thing left was peace.” The clip then follows Gates as he trains for the fight of his life. He jogs, boxes and even gets arrested, before finally facing off against his biggest rival—himself.

“‘Push it’’ is about conquering yourself,” Gates said in a press release. “The idea for the video is me fighting the Old Kevin and becoming the New Kevin. I’m making the transition from a fucked up guy with a good heart and great character traits, into a man with a great heart and no fucked up character traits. It’s opening the process for the world to see.”


Alongside the release of “Push it,” Gates announced his first full-length project in over three years, I’m Him. In May he dropped his Only the Generals Gon Understand EP, which includes songs like “#Yukatan” and “Big Gangsta.”

Watch Gates’ video for “Push it” below.

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