Kevin Gates battles personal demons in “Walls Talking” video

‘I’m Him’ is out now.

Kevin Gates has released the video for “Walls Talking,” a track off his sophomore album I’m Him.

The clip begins with the Baton Rouge artist rapping in his living room as the walls warp and disintegrate around him. Gates then exits the room and enters a desert, where he encounters a re-enactment of his mother and his younger self arguing at the dinner table.

As the Louisiana rapper walks through multiple visions from his life, he raps over wistful synth melodies and hard-hitting beats: “I was young when my mama had me / Think I ran away from home ’bout the age of 15, juvenile detention / Talked about behind my back by my family members / Hurtful feeling bein’ the black sheep every family visit.”


Gates previously dropped videos for I’m Him cuts “No More,” “Facts,” and “Push it.”

Watch the video for “Walls Talking” here:

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