Kevin Abstract spent ten hours on a treadmill for a livestream

The endurance stunt was held at Brockhampton Street, of course.

Following the release of his second solo album, ARIZONA baby, Kevin Abstract pulled an unusual and exhausting stunt on Friday: walking and running on a treadmill for ten straight hours.

Abstract announced last week that he’d be attempting the test of endurance in front of his childhood home on Brockhampton Street in Corpus Christi, Texas. The stunt, which was documented in a livestream titled “#THE1999,” attracted throngs of fans who showed up to support the Brockhampton leader. Throughout the event, they sang, asked questions, snapped photos and brought food and drinks for Abstract as he walked on the treadmill.

At one point, when asked why he was pulling the stunt, Abstract simply replied that he was inspired by “Shia LaBeouf.” The actor had done something similar before, streaming a feed of himself watching his own movies over the span of three days.


After accomplishing what he had set out to do, Abstract tweeted his gratitude to his fans. He also added that he would be taking some time off to work on himself:

Here’s wishing Abstract all the best. Watch the stream for “#THE1999” below:


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