Kenny Mason taps Deante’ Hitchcock for “Give”

A soulful new collaboration.

Kenny Mason and Deante’ Hitchcock have joined forces on the new single “Give.”

Over soulful production courtesy of Juu, the Atlanta rappers swap rapid-fire bars about their challenging upbringings. “I been in the trenches with n***as with weapons, you givin’ impressions, yo gimmick depressing / Was feeling aggressive and didn’t suppress it / My mental affected from years’ oppression and living in desolate images,” Mason spits.

Hitchcock joins in on the track’s second half: “My dawg gon’ make sure them swipes right like Tinder / N***a I remember, steppin’ back like Kimber / Walk a line, that’s often time enticed by inner shit / I’m dealin’ with ’nough blood on my hands, already hard to wash off like henna.”


Both Kenny and Deante’ have released debut albums this year. In April, Kenny delivered his 14-track LP, Angelic Hoodrat. A month later, Deante’ released his debut LP, Better.

Listen to “Give” below:

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