Kenny Mason returns with new single, “Storm”

His first release since ‘Angelic Hoodrat.’

Kenny Mason has returned with a new single, “Storm.”

The song’s somber, off-kilter beat gives way to introspective lyrics from the rapper, who responds to the current movement against racism and police brutality, while questioning his own ability to make a difference.

“Cops shoot the squad, we prolly gon’ shoot back / Know Bobby would shoot back, got that in my roots / But I can’t battle with blue badges, rather get blue stacks / Money gon’ do things you can’t do with a strap,” he raps.


“Storm” is Mason’s first release since his debut album, Angelic Hoodrat, which arrived in April. The record features songs such as “Firestarter,” “Chevron,” “PTSD” and “Metal Wings.”

Stream “Storm” below:

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