Kenny Mason releases debut album ‘Angelic Hoodrat’

It dropped alongside a creepy video for the title track.

Kenny Mason has released his full-length debut album, Angelic Hoodrat.

The 14-track record flits between Mason’s hip hop and alternative rock influences. It features his 2019 breakout single, “Hit,” which Mason acknowledges is many people’s introduction to his work. “But I have been making music for a long time,” the Atlanta rapper told Pigeons & Planes.

“I feel like I became addicted to folks’ reaction to me doing what I do,” he continued. “Talent is subjective, but being true to yourself and being true to who you are, that’s never mistaken.”


The project also arrived with a Nasser Boulaich-directed clip for its title track. In the visual, the rapper wanders through the streets at the night and follows a faint, mysterious light which leads him to a forest clearing. The video ends with Mason being lifted into the sky by an unknown force.

Angelic Hoodrat also features Mason’s previously released song, “Metal Wings.” Listen to the full album below:


And watch the video for “Angelic Hoodrat” here:

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