Katori Walker drops striking “Run” visual

    The Pasadena rapper highlights racial inequality and police brutality.

    Katori Walker Run MV
    Image: Katori Walker official YouTube

    Up-and-coming rapper Katori Walker has unveiled a powerful video for his latest single, “Run.”

    In the clip, the Cali native gives a speech about racial inequality and police brutality to a group of earnest men on the streets. “Wrong hood, wrong color I be fucking scared / And when that copper pull me over I be fucking scared,” Walker spits. “So I’m gonna stand here with my hands in the fucking air.”

    Soon, blue and red lights fill the streets and a loud gunshot rings through the air. Watch ’til the end, though, for an impactful plot twist.

    “Run” is reportedly set to appear on Walker’s upcoming debut album, out sometime later this year. In the meantime, check out the video below: