Kash Doll links up with Lil Wayne on “Kitten”

    Animal metaphors abound.

    Kash Doll Kitten
    Kash Doll. Image: Kash Doll official Facebook

    Kash Doll has dropped “Kitten,” a new collab with Lil Wayne.

    The song’s title may reference cats, but the track’s got more animals in store: Its minimal beat samples a barking dog, and Kash reserves some lyrical venom for those “snake ass bitches.” Wayne delivers a memorable, raunchy verse, name-dropping Nate Dogg and Shaggy in the process.

    The last we heard from Kash, she had dropped a cinematic clip for the single “Hustla.” This new song’s unquestionably a formidable follow-up.

    Stream “Kitten” here: