Kari Faux drops ‘Cry 4 Help’ EP

The Arkansas rapper makes a statement.

Kari Faux has released a new EP, Cry 4 Help, her first release in two years.

The Arkansas rapper explores different facets of vulnerability across the five tracks, addressing toxic friendships on “Leave Me Alone” and a miscarriage she had at 15 on “Latch Key.”

Putting together Cry 4 Help turned out to be a challenge for Faux—one that was necessary for her artistic growth. “I’ve always felt like I was never able to put my real, real life into my music,” she told NPR Music. “So this was kind of like a test for me to see like, ‘Okay, can you write about the shit [that] has actually happened to you?’”


Stream Cry 4 Help below:

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