Kamaiyah celebrates her independence in “Pressure” MV

The latest visual from ‘Got it Made.’

Kamaiyah is back with a new dance-heavy video for her Got it Made cut, “Pressure.”

The Oakland native revels in her independence from major labels in the fiery clip, performing on a large backlot surrounded by dancers. “Contracts had me bound and testin’ my limits / Said, ‘Fuck all that shit’ and I went independent / They let them shackles off, I got my shit off / And I ain’t new to this shit, l’il bitch, I been hard,” she spits.

“Pressure” is the latest visual from Got it Made, following the video for “Whatever Whenever.” Over the past few weeks, Kamaiyah also released a number of new songs, including “Extravagant” and “Black Excellence.”

Watch the video for “Pressure” below:



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