Juice WRLD hit with multi-million “Lucid Dreams” plagiarism lawsuit

Filed by now-defunct pop punk band Yellowcard.

Juice WRLD has been accused of plagiarising parts of his 2018 hit “Lucid Dreams” from a 2006 song by the band Yellowcard. The pop punk group—which broke up in 2017—have sued the emo rapper for over $15 million in damages.

In a complaint filed October 21, Yellowcard allege that the Chicago rapper’s breakout single copied “melodic elements” of their 2006 song “Holly Wood Died” “without license or consent,” Billboard reports. Citing a chart that analyzed both songs and listed common musical elements like hooks and vocal melodies, the band argue that the two tracks are “not only substantially similar… but in some places virtually identical.”

The lawsuit names Juice WRLD, his “Lucid Dreams” co-writer Taz Taylor and producer Nick Mira, as well as their associated publishers and labels. Yellowcard are asking for damages totalling more than $15 million, which includes recording revenue, but also damages from Juice’s tours and public appearances. The complaint claims this is justified since the “overwhelming success” of “Lucid Dreams” helped the rapper’s career take off, giving him substantial opportunities to tour and perform around the world.”


“This was not a lawsuit [Yellowcard] wanted to file,” the band’s attorney Richard Busch claimed in a follow-up statement to Billboard. “They put all of the parties on notice a long while ago and gave them every opportunity to try to resolve it. That notice was pretty much ignored, leaving them with no real choice.”

“As alleged in the complaint, [‘Lucid Dreams’] is not just a generic emo rap song, but is a blatant copy of significant original compositional elements of ‘Holly Wood Died’ in several respects,” Busch continued. Hear both songs below and decide for yourself.

“Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD:


“Holly Wood Died” by Yellowcard:

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