Jucee Froot, Rico Nasty start a prison riot in “Psycho” remix MV

Watch them break out of jail in the chaotic clip.

Jucee Froot has released a violent video for the remix of “Psycho,” featuring Rico Nasty.

In the clip, directed by Terrius Mykel, the duo are incarcerated in a women’s prison. They torment the guards, fight with their fellow inmates and eventually start a riot in a bid to escape. “I feel like Prince, I got purple diamonds dancin’ on me / A crazy bitch, I ain’t laughin’, bitch, ain’t nothin’ funny / You just a kid, mind your business when I’m talkin’ money,” Rico spits.

The original version of “Psycho” initially featured Peezy and appeared on Froot’s Schizophrenic Flow. The Memphis-bred rapper also recently contributed “Danger” to the Birds of Prey soundtrack.

Watch the video for the “Psycho” remix below:



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