JPEGMAFIA shows his sensual side on “BODYGUARD!”

A new R&B tune from Peggy.

JPEGMAFIA has released a new song, “BODYGUARD!,” that displays his sensual side.

The new track is a slow-burning R&B love song, on which Peggy—his voice drenched in Auto-Tune—declares his devotion to the object of his affections in his own unique way. “I don’t want no war / I don’t want it with nobody but you / No protection with nobody but you, you, you,” he sings.

Since the release of his 2019 album All My Heroes are Cornballs, JPEGMAFIA has been dropping loosies at a steady clip: “BODYGUARD!” follows “Covered in Money!” and “BALD!.” His 2019 record featured the tracks “Free the Frail,” “Beta Male Strategies” and “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot.”


“BODYGUARD!” arrived with a blue-tinted video directed by Peggy himself. Watch it below:


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