JPEGMAFIA drops “Puff Daddy” with Kenny Beats

Peggy keeps delivering the heat.

JPEGMAFIA’s new track “Puff Daddy” is a boisterous one.

But before you get your hopes up, no, the song isn’t a heartfelt tribute to its namesake. A collaboration with former LOUDPVCK producer Kenny Beats (who also recently led production on Vince Staples’ latest album, FM!), the track finds JPEG spitting ferocious lines about taking down his haters and imitators over a face-scrunching industrial beat. “Shoot you in the face, boy guard it / Fake rappers, new targets,” he declares.

There’s no word yet from the Baltimore rapper if “Puff Daddy” will be a one-off single or part of an upcoming mixtape or album. But in the meantime, you can enjoy it below:


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