JPEGMAFIA drops new song, “Covered in Money!”

Another surprise release from the Maryland rapper.

Following last month’s “BALD!,” JPEGMAFIA has returned with yet another emphatically named surprise track, “Covered in Money!”

The four-minute song is broken down into two parts. The first half features Peggy slinging confident bars over a glitchy beat. “I’m covered in money / I’m out for the bag, ooh / I flew out the country (Damn) / Borderline dressin’ in drag,” he spits on the chorus.

On the latter half, dubbed “The Devil Wears Prada,” the rapper takes it down a notch to deliver a laid-back Auto-Tuned verse that references the late Martin Luther King and comedian Bernie Mac. “When I die, hope my music gives cowards pain,” JPEGMAFIA raps. “Pray Allah, Christ and Buddha, you’ll never be shamed / My little kids gonna inherit this fame.”


“Covered in Money!” was accompanied by a self-directed video, which stars the rapper wilding out in his car with dollar bills. In the YouTube’s description, Peggy jokingly noted that the cash “ha[d] been sterilized” as a protective measure against the coronavirus.

Check out JPEGMAFIA’s new video below:

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