JPEGMAFIA collects loosies in new ‘EP!’

All his emphatically punctuated songs in one place.

Over the past few months, JPEGMAFIA has been dropping songs whose emphatic titles all end with an exclamation point. Now, he’s collected them all in one package: the simply titled EP!.

All tracks on the nine-song project have gotten official releases, except for closing track “Super Tuesday!”, which was a 2017 freestyle shared in a YouTube video in April. Over an old-timey string loop, Peggy questions struggle-rappers and pretenders: “How you rappin’ all your life and you ain’t profit? / How you claim to be a punk but you ain’t moshin’? / How you tryna book a tour but you ain’t poppin’?”

Other tracks on the EP include “Last Dance!”, the Mariah Carey-sampling “Living Single,” “Rough 7” featuring Tommy Genesis, plus “The Bends!” and an “OG mix.” Also on the project are “Cutie Pie!”, “Bodyguard!”, “Covered in Money!”, and “Bald!” plus Denzel Curry’s remix.


Though EP! just dropped, JPEGMAFIA has already promised a follow-up:

Stream Peggy’s new project below:


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