JID raps for his life in “151 Rum” MV

A ‘Misery’-inspired visual.

JID is back with a dark and twisted MV for “151 Rum,” a cut from his latest album, DiCaprio 2.

The video was inspired by the classic Stephen King film adaptation, Misery. In the clip, the Dreamville rapper is held hostage by a deranged fan who forces him to rap. But in a break from the original film, JID breaks his own ankle and escapes when the fan is distracted. Does it end well? You’ll have to watch the clip to find out.

“151 Rum” is the latest track from DiCaprio 2 to get a video treatment, following “Off da Zoinkys,” a tribute to the 1973 film The Long Goodbye, and November’s “Off Deez.”


Watch the video for “151 Rum” below:

Didn’t know JID was a film buff? Learn more about the Dreamville rapper here.

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