Jaden Smith shares video for “The Passion”

Featuring grills, free-flowing tears and a bruise-colored sky.

Jaden Smith has dropped the video for “The Passion,” a standout cut from his debut album SYRE.

Possibly shot in California’s Hidden Hills, where Smith currently lives, the clip is a millennial’s fever dream. There on a rooftop the 20-year-old rapper broods, watching over terraces of swish mansions as the sun sets against a pastel pink-hued sky. He’s got his signature denim jacket on, but now with a grill and gold chains to amp up his rap cred.

Yet, it’s the same-old Jaden Smith we’ve come to know—towards the end of the MV, the camera zooms in on his eyes, wet and flowing with tears. “Talking to you / Selfish / I do not want to die,” he half-sings. Deep stuff.


Watch the video for “The Passion” here:

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