Jaden Smith revisits ‘SYRE’ with emotional “Ninety” video

The album was released in 2017.

Jaden Smith has returned to his 2017 album SYRE and released a video for the cut “Ninety.”

The “Ninety” video is of a piece with previous SYRE visuals (such as “The Passion”), from the stunning, bruised sunset to the tears rolling down Smith’s face. The rapper yearns for his soulmate in his melancholic bars that tell, as the video puts it, his “twisted love story,” and in other scenes cavorts in front of a church with her. Things, however, turn darker and more chaotic in the second half of the eight-minute video.

“I waited over two years to release this video for a reason,” Smith said on Instagram of the “Ninety” clip. “What you’re going to experience tomorrow are my true feelings and emotions, some of you will cry with me some of you will laugh with me, regardless it’s happening.”

Smith also noted that the video will be accompanied by the release of a new collection of merchandise, which can be found on his official website.


Lots has changed for Smith since the release of SYRE: In 2018 he dropped the mixtape The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story, and last year put out the sequel to SYRE, ERYS. Last year, Smith was also cast as a young Kanye West in an upcoming Showtime series, Omniverse.

Watch the video for “Ninety” here:


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