Ishmael drops hilarious video for “Problems”

“I just wanted to make a record as big as an ego can be.”

Ishmael has dropped a playful video for his new single, “Problems.”

On the self-produced track, the rapper vows to take on anyone who rubs him the wrong way: “Got so many got damn rings on, I might walk up to a muthafucka just to punch him in his face / This gon’ be the got damn theme song, any n***a talking shit about you run up on him hit the play.”

The accompanying clip opens with an infomercial for an electronic “fading” device that promises to “beat ass instantly.” Ishmael purchases the gadget to use on his opponents and ends up fighting them in a virtual boxing ring.


“I just wanted to make a record as big as an ego can be. A record that could fit any fight scene [with] big obnoxious sounds, weird chords, etc,” he said in a press release. “Ultimately, I just remember being so pissed off when I made it. This is the first song I released that I produced in its entirety. I wrote the treatment for the music video, too. I’ve never been more excited as I am about this one.”

“Problems” marks Ishmael’s first single of the year, following his 2020 release, “365.” Watch the video below:

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