Isaiah Rashad returns with “Lay Wit Ya” featuring Duke Deuce

The Top Dawg Entertainment rapper’s first single off his upcoming album ‘The House is Burning.’

The speculation over Top Dawg Entertainment’s upcoming release has ended: Isaiah Rashad has returned with new single “Lay Wit Ya.”

The track features woozy keys over bumping 808s. Rashad and guest Duke Deuce bring immaculate verses, Zay’s assured delivery contrasting with Deuce’s fiery disposition.

The music video features a night out at a party, with Rashad making his way down in an ATV before joining Deuce and other party-goers.


“Lay Wit Ya” is a preview of Rashad’s new album The House is Burning, the rapper’s first full-length LP since 2016’s The Sun’s Tirade. The release also follows a collaboration with Kaash Paige and standalone single “Why Worry,” both from 2020.

Rashad shed light on The House is Burning in an interview with FADER, detailing how his struggle with alcoholism and path to sobriety helped to shape the album’s themes. “God’s not going to save you. I mean, he can. Because I believe in God. But God alone is not going to save you,” he said of the album’s meaning.

“When your house is on fire, are you going to go into that bitch to get the personal possessions, or are you just going to trust in yourself and in God that you’re going to be able to bounce back?”


Top Dawg Entertainment head Anthony Tiffith had teased the Rashad single as an unknown release on April 28, prompting fan speculation that Kendrick Lamar would release new material.

On the other hand, Duke Deuce recently dropped Duke Nukem, an album that takes its name from the ’90s video game series.

Watch Rashad’s music video for “Lay Wit Ya” here:

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