Is Tory Lanez the best rapper alive right now? He thinks so

He called out J Cole and Pusha T in a Twitter rant.

It’s been a while since Tory Lanez’s apparent victory in his multi-song beef with Joyner Lucas. Yesterday, the rapper took to Twitter to remind everyone who was top dog.

Lanez claimed that no one wants to face him in a rap battle, and specifically called out J Cole and Pusha T, some of his “favorite” rappers, for apparently declining to go toe to toe with him:


He also vowed that he would become “the biggest artist in the world one day”:


Are we witnessing the first steps to another epic rap battle, or is Lanez just jumping on Soulja Boy’s bandwagon of braggadocio? Only time will tell.

Catch up on Lanez’ beef with Joyner Lucas here:

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