ILoveMakonnen releases “Sunlight on Your Skin” with Lil Peep

The original collaboration that XXXTentacion had made his own.

ILoveMakonnen has released the melancholic “Sunlight on Your Skin,” featuring the late emo rapper Lil Peep.

“Sunlight on Your Skin” is “for all the OGs,” as ILoveMakonnen wrote on Instagram. It’s the original track that spawned “Falling Down,” which features the late XXXTentacion instead of ILoveMakonnen. That posthumous collaboration was released last week.

Structurally, there’s not much difference between songs, though ILoveMakonnen’s vocals are distinctly more melodic and robust than XXXTentacion’s skeletal, even haunting take on the track.


Which version of the song do you prefer? Listen to “Sunlight on Your Skin” below and decide:

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