Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks are at each other’s throats again

A series of now-deleted tweets proves the two never settled their differences.

Over the weekend, Iggy Azalea had some big news: She’s leaving Island Records, and is now “free to release whatever kinda music [she] likes.” Not everyone’s too happy about that, though.

And by “not everyone,” we really just mean Azealia Banks. Upon hearing the news, the Brooklyn rapper—whose beef with Azalea has been well documented for years now—unleashed a torrent of now-deleted tweets directed at the Aussie rapper. “Kangaroo Jane” and “white trash” are just two of the choice epithets she hurled Down Under.

Azalea was all too pleased to reignite the feud, sparring with her rival on Twitter. Those tweets have since been taken down, but Pop Crave managed to screengrab them in time:


But Banks, clearly enraged, is still going at it. Just a few hours ago, she continued her tirade:


Shout out to that last sentence, though.

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