Iggy Azalea addresses bizarre feud with Peppa Pig

Only one can hog the charts.

The hip hop world has supplied us with plenty of dramatic disputes over the years, but nothing is as bizarre as Iggy Azalea’s recent feud with Peppe Pig. Now, the rapper has come forward to address her beef with the beloved children’s cartoon character.

Azalea dropped her new album In My Defense last Friday—the same day as Peppa’s musical debut—pitting them to against each other on the charters. Speaking to E! News, the rapper confessed that she genuinely felt “scared” when she learned of the competition “because Peppa Pig is so popular with kids.”

“When I saw that Peppa Pig was releasing an album, I was like, ‘Well that’s it. I’m out of the race. I’m beat before I even started,” Azalea said. But the rapper’s not ruling victory out until she sees the chart numbers at the end of the week: “I gotta see what her sales are.”


The beef began last week after Azalea demanded a collab with Peppa, otherwise threatening to turn the porcine star into a “breakfast special.” Check out the tweet exchange below:

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