IDK accuses Logic of career sabotage on “Trigger Happy”

Shots fired.

IDK is currently working on his next album, ISHEREAL, and recently dropped off a new single that may be featured on the upcoming project. On “Trigger Happy,” IDK raps energetically about his career and future, calling out fellow Maryland rapper Logic.

IDK has mentioned Logic in previous songs, but this is the first time he’s openly accused him of career sabotage: “Logic and his manager tried to ruin my deal / I guess that’s what happens when you tell a n***a who spent his whole career proving that he’s black that he ain’t black still / But when you taking food out my fridge I ain’t gotta chill.”

It’s a bold claim, but IDK doesn’t think Logic will issue a rebuttal: “This ain’t a diss / He won’t respond / This ain’t a risk / This is me saying none of you bigger artists can cockblock shit, this industry is a bitch.”


The accompanying video, produced by Rascal and Vontae Thomas, follows IDK rapping all around a city, and features trippy visual effects and bright neon colors.

What do you think of IDK’s accusations? Check out the video for “Trigger Happy” below:

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